Unlocking Opportunities for Diploma Engineering Students in Singapore

For DTI students, the doors of skill development, higher education, and higher training for teachers or trainers are going to be opened at Nanyang Polytechnic International in Singapore.
Recently, Mr. Rathindranath Das, Honorable Executive Director and Principal of Daffodil Technical Institute visited the world’s most advanced Nanyang Polytechnic International located in Singapore at the invitation of the institute.
A formal discussion was held with Nanyang Polytechnic Director Ms Esther Bay and Senior Manager Mr Chua Gim Peng. In the said discussion, the implementation of trainer training program has been strengthened. So that between the two institutions, there is a collaborative discussion in the areas of development of teachers’ skills and academic support for students, technical support, teaching and research, organizing workshops and seminars, creating employment, and making students suitable for the current job market needs.
The visit marks the beginning of a new chapter in cooperation between Daffodil Technical Institute and Nanyang Polytechnic. This collaboration will create new opportunities for the students of both institutions and help them improve their skills and qualifications.