DTI Celebrates Textile Department Farewell Program

Daffodil Technical Institute recently resonated with nostalgia and heartfelt farewells as it bid adieu to the graduating students of the Textile Department in a memorable farewell program. The event marked the culmination of their academic journey, celebrating achievements, camaraderie, and the promising futures awaiting these budding textile professionals.

The Textile Department Farewell Program commenced with a blend of emotions – a mix of joyous reminiscence and the bittersweet acknowledgment of the end of a significant chapter. Students, faculty, and staff gathered to honor the accomplishments of the graduating class and express their best wishes for the journeys that lay ahead.

The event served as a platform to recognize and celebrate academic excellence. Outstanding achievements, research projects, and innovative contributions by graduating students were highlighted, underscoring the department’s commitment to nurturing skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the field of textiles.